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Leney Gonzaga | Realtor


I love the real estate market and all that it entails. Originally from Hawaii, I moved to Seattle in 2001 and got into real estate in 2013 but did not pursue it full time until 2015 where I started off as a buyers agent on a team I was certified by the Washington Housing Finance Committee to teach first time home buyers seminar classes. It was through my buyer's agent experience that I was able to really put my negotiating experience and knowledge to work. With Seattle being a very strong seller's market, I was successful at winning in multiple offer situations for my clients, sometimes winning the house for them even if we had a lower offer.

After mastering the buyer's side I went on to the listing side with another team and in 2016 sold 24 houses as a listing agent, 13 of those were prior FSBO. My conversion list to sell rate was 97%. In 2017 I went off as a solo agent and have represented both buyers and sellers. 2017 was also when I moved to Arizona. I am licensed and actively practice real estate in both states. I believe my experience as an agent in Seattle is a great asset in doing real estate in Arizona. 

Most people think that real estate is about sales and to a degree it is, but more importantly, it's about the customer service you provide to clients. It's not always about how many homes you sell, it's about how much you do when you represent a buyer or seller. Customer service and integrity are two things that I really pride myself on and my ultimate goal is to make your home buying or selling process as easy and stress free as possible. For a free buyer or seller consultation, contact me at 206-954-7568.